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Change being the only constant, it's the Tao of the Web that sites move and go down. Please let me know if you run across a link here that no longer works. (You can click on the email button at the bottom of this page if you like.) Thanks!

Crime Syndicates
Rick Porrello's site aims to be the Web's premiere source of information on the Mafia in the US, and it's well on it's way.
Gang Land
Good contemporary coverage of organized crime
Gangsters - La Cosa Nostra
"The Unofficial Goodfellas Page"
Gotti, John - The Official John Gotti Tribute Page
That's right, he's got his own website. Okay, so maybe he didn't do it himself. (I don't think they let you have access to the Net in solitary.) But it IS all about him, by a very partisan supporter whose motto is "Free John Gotti!"


Executive Branch

Agencies, Offices, Services

Assorted Federal Forms
Federal forms available free for the downloading at this University of Memphis site

Census Bureau

Population & Housing Unit Estimates
Latest US census data estimates

Department of Energy

Department of Energy Home Page
DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments
The Agency's site detailing nuclear experimentation on human subjects

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy - Fedstats
More than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government produce statistics of interest to the public. The Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy maintains this site to provide easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by these agencies for public use.
Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection
The FTC's official website

Intelligence Agencies

Center for the Study of Intelligence
Historical analysis of US federal intelligence agencies' activities.
Central Intelligence Agency
Check out their World Fact Book, maps and guide to heads of state.
Intelligence Community
Includes CIA plus the 12 other US Federal Intelligence agencies.
National Security Agency
The agency's home page
National Security Archive Home Page
Formerly secret stuff
US Military Intelligence
This Loyola University Political Science Dept. site is "an unofficial web site for researchers, students, and interested browsers." - lots of direct links to official agency sites, plus links to historical and research sites in this field.

Military Services

Air Force

AirForce Link
Official home page of the US Air Force
Civil Air Patrol (CAP)
The civilian auxiliary of the US Air Force - search & rescue, etc.


U.S. Army Homepage

Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard Homepage

Marine Corps

Official home page of the US Marines


U.S. Navy: Welcome Aboard
Official home page of the US Navy


NASA Homepage

National Park Service
A guide to US national parks
Smithsonian Institution Home Page

USGS - US Geological Survey

USGS Home Page
USGS: Satellite Photos

US Postal Service

United States Postal Service Home Page

U.S. State Department - Policy: Counterterrorism
Testimony, briefings and authoritative reports on terrorism worldwide


Atlas of United States Presidential Elections: 1932-1996
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format only, a graphical and numerical guide to each of the last 17 US presidential elections: geographical trends in presidential voting.
Presidential Portraits at the Library of Congress
White House

Judicial Branch

Legal System

American Pro Se Association -- Free Financial & Legal Information
Got legal questions or problems? Check this site out!

Supreme Court

FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions
A searchable database of Supreme Court decisions since 1937
Oyez Project
A US Supreme Court multimedia database from Northwestern University, including biographies of every justice since John Jay

Legislative Branch



The Hill -- The Capitol Newspaper (tm)


106th Congress Directory
Biographies and contact information on the US Congress, in text and .pdf format
This site allows Internet users to access a complete and reliable directory of information about the members of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.
Congressional Biographical Directory
1774 to date, a searchable database (by name, position, state)
Hoffman, Jeffrey - Congressional Email Directory
Organized by state, not a whole list suitable for mass mailing; includes names and email addresses only - no additional information (e.g. party affiliation, committees, etc.).
Library of Congress: A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation
US Congressional documents and debates, 1774-1873
My Government
Enter your ZIP code to get your Senator & Representative's email address, voting history etc.
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
A great resource!
Write Your Representative - Lookup Representative
Enter your ZIP code to get your Rep's name and website, send a message, etc.


U.S. House Of Representatives - Home Page


General Info

United States Senate


Abraham, Spencer - MI-US Senator's Home Page
Feinstein, Dianne - CA-US Senator's Home Page
Leahy, Patrick - VT-US Senator's Home Page
McCain, John -AZ-US Senator's Home Page


Cherokee Nation
The official website
Tlingit National Anthem
An unofficial networking site for Alaska Natives, with links to history, current issues & more.
Tlingit & Haida Central Council
Official website of the Central Council

Political Parties

Democrat Party

Democratic National Committee
Bill Bradley for President
Gore 2000

Libertarian Party

Cato Institute Homepage
The Libertarian think-tank . . .
Libertarian Party

New Party

New Party


All politics Internet radio
Political Resources on the Net - USA (I)
Links to all major political parties in the USA
If it's US politics, it's probably here.

Reform Party

Official Reform Party Home Page
Patrick J. Buchanan for President

Republican Party

House Republican Conference
National Republican Senatorial Committee
Republican National Committee
Republican Presidential Task Force
George W. Bush for President
Alan Keyes for President


Great American Web Site
Money Magazine: America's safest cities
A safety rating for American cities, from statistical data
A guide to US politics, parties, campaigns & candidates
Project Vote Smart
Check here for info on over 13,000 US political officeholders & candidates.
Skeleton Closet
Critical coverage of all candidates for the 2000 US Presidential nomination
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
Compares the nation's states and metropolitan areas in everything from banking and births to wages and welfare
THE political junkie's home page


Astropro NetSelect Directory, US State Government Section
Links to US state and local governments
This Pew Center site features news and statistical data on states & state governments, has links to state government websites.


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